Euro Sko Norges AS visjon er å utvikle en bærekraftig forretningsmodell som adresserer sosiale og miljø utfordringer i sko bransjen.

Formål: Integrere bærekraft i den daglige driften i alle avdelinger, samt butikk.  Den danner grunnlaget for vårt miljø- og samfunnsansvar.

Strategien er basert på Euro Sko Norge AS retningslinjer og medlemskap forpliktelse i IEH.

Bærekraft strategi 2016_2020



We will conduct business in a responsible way, which means we aim to be a fair partner to our suppliers and partners.

We expect our suppliers to deliver on time, quality, price and believe that though optimizing our supplier portfolio we will continue to ensue high standards. Not only related to product but also to improvements of working conditions.

We will continue to collaborate with our suppliers to increase their social and environmental performance through providing capacity building and support.

RESPONSIBLE SOURCING: Risk management of the supplier portfolio

SUPPLIER PERFORMANCE PROGRAM: Provide development offices with a CSR management program to strengthen their capabilities to support good working conditions in the production facilities.

SUSTAINABLE PURCHASING PRACTICES: We need to mitigate risk in our supply chain and build the awareness and capability of our own marketing, commercial and sourcing department, enabling them to make responsible sourcing decisions. It is essential that we improve our purchasing practices in order to ensure that they do not undermine, but support improvement of working conditions.



The consequences of our excessive use of the planets resources are becoming more evident every day.

Communities in our supply chain are threatened by local pollution, chemically infested water sources, deforestation and extreme weather, which all are causes for climate change.

The footwear supply chain has many processes that can harm local environments and we have to do our outmost to mitigate these problems. We will continue to strengthen our efforts to reduce our impact by:

CHEMICAL USE: Continue to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in production and final product, and work to phase out harmful substances.

TANNERIES: Map out tanneries supplying leather for our brands, carry out due diligence, identify the issues, and put them in system to reduce pollution, exposure to hazardous chemicals and improve working conditions.

CLIMATE SMART: Search for packaging ideas with holistic solutions, with innovative and long-term measurable advancements toward sustainability. Optimize transportation and reduce emission.



Ensuring actual improvements of working conditions and reducing our environmental impact is something we cannot do alone.

We are dependent on collaborative efforts with our stakeholders throughout the supply chain to make progress of larger scale with lasting impact for the workers producing our products. We see great opportunity in driving positive change through collaborating with our competitors on the social and environmental challenges we all face in our supply chains.

Listening, learning, responding and working in partnership is an important part of how we do business. We will continue looking for opportunities and be inspired by others sustainable performance!

CSR NETWORK: Be an active member and lead the Scandinavian shoe industry network forward, make positive change and collaborate on sustainability!

STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT: Social dialogue with our partners on policies and activities. Set up an advisory group made up of our key stakeholders with the aim to get critical and constructive input on our work.

COMMUNICATION: We will continue to strive for transparency about our performance, ambitions and strategies.



The development of a shoe is a complex process that requires a range of input factors and large investments. The process of developing products that not only deliver on price and quality, but also perform on social and environmental criteria is an area we will strengthen our efforts.

To deliver on this we will have to increase our investment in innovation and knowledge. Our product developers, buyers, footwear technicians and suppliers will facilitate dialogue, engagement and actively be involved in finding innovative solutions to our sustainability challenges.

OUR BRANDS: Product development – source innovative qualities and techniques.

PRODUCTION PROCESS: Find innovative and sustainable solutions.